January 22 2017
2017 has started!!!

Last Friday, January 20 Sideways presented their new album ‘Into Balance’ @ So-What (www.so-what.nl) in Gouda, Holland.
Together with Grey Nomad (greynomad.nl) we rocked that place!!!
A big thanks for all that came to see us!! See you next time!
(for some live pics see media/photo)

December 29 2016
2017 will start with a bang!!!

On January 20 Sideways proudly presents their new album ‘Into Balance’ live on stage at So-What (www.so-what.nl) in Gouda, Holland.
It will be a symphonic rock filled night as Grey Nomad (greynomad.nl) will start the evening at 21:00. Round 23:00 Sideways will start their show.

Door opens at 21:00. Entrance is free!

So please join us for a night of musical joy!

See you there!

December 2016
This christmas will be a Merry Sideways christmas!!! See below!!


The new album of the Dutch Symphonic Rock band SIDEWAYS entitled ‘Into Balance’ is officially released!

‘Into Balance’ is the fourth album of SIDEWAYS and follow-up of the highly acclaimed ‘Fear of Living’ – 4 stars rating in the Music Maker -, consists of 7 brand new songs that takes the listener on a rock journey.

To listen to ‘Into Balance’, you can order the hard-copy digipack (€ 10,- excl. shipping cost), click on “contact/bookings”, or enjoy all of Sideways music on i-Tunes and Spotify.


September 04 2016
While writing this post it’s already a week ago that Sideways played live @ ‘de Gonz’ in Gouda and we fully enjoyed giving you all a preview of our new CD ‘Into Balance’ coming out this autumn. See some pictures from our gig here!

August 27 2016

Sideways plays LIVE at ‘De Gonz’ in Gouda on Saturday August 27th 2016.
We are currently putting the finishing touches to our new CD which will have the name ‘Into Balance’. During our “Gonz” gig we will let you all enjoy the LIVE version of ‘Into Balance’. So don’t miss out on a rare opportunity to listen to new not yet realesed material LIVE!!!

May 15 2016

The day after! Yesterday we had our gig at ‘De Bruine Kip’. Thanks everybody for helping us make it a great evening! For a small photo impression see Media/Photo

May 14 2016

Don’t forget this saturday 14th of May!!!! Sideways plays LIVE at ‘De Bruine Kip’. The show starts at 21:00…Be There!!

April 2016

As we speak we are finishing the bass parts for our new studio album (‘Balacing on a pole’). The basic tracks are recorded. Still some work to do…but we are loving it!! Here a small impression of Sideways in the BITM studio with engineer and co-producer Jordi Langelaan.

April 2016

This April Sideways returns to the studio (BITM – Barn in the Meadow – Studio) for the recording of our forth studio album (working title: ‘Balancing on a Pole’).

Our last album ‘Fear of Living’ was recorded by Jordi Langelaan at BITM studios. This year we return to that same place to record 7 new songs… The Titles of the songs will be: To cross the border, Moving Along, Sweet smell of Success, Limelight, Treasure, Little Prince and Restless mind.