We are Sideways: A symphonic rock band from the Netherlands. Sideways is the synonym for more than 10 years of melody, atmosphere, emotion and rock.

Five men from different musical backgrounds came together in 2003 to create their own song material and make their own sound. The Sideways sound consists of strong melody orientated music with twists and turns, from soft and enchanting to epic and heavy. And always from the heart. After many Live performances and 3 CD’s (and a fourth coming up), Sideways can rely on a lot of experience without loosing their youthful creativity.

Sideways are:

Alex Visser – Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Berry Hoogeveen – Drums

Corné Gietman – Bass

Gerwin Gabry – Guitar & Backing Vocals

Jurriaan Visser – Keys

Band photos by © Jaaron Photography