To celebrate 10 years of Sideways our keyboard player decided to make a photo book about the music of Sideways. In 2014 ‘Seven Sides’ came to live.

Our keyboard player / the photographer (Jaaron Photography) in his own words:

For many years I have been creating and playing music with Sideways, while at the same time exploring the art of photography in its broadest sense. When the opportunity came to make a photography book it was no surprise that both passions had to come together.

I took on the task of trying to combine the two art forms of musical lyricism and photography. And this book is the result. This is my interpretation of the songs and their lyrics. These pictures are my story.

If you like to see what more of ‘Seven Sides’ and it’s creator and/or order the book (€75 (ex. shipping costs), 68 pages, hardcover, quality paper) go to Jaaron Photography
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